Bears are usually identified as older, stockier males, usually with a substantial amount of body hair; as a result, bears tend to be associated more with daddies, or generally older men who tend to take sexual interests or relationships with younger males, or son.

However, there are more than a few younger gay males who may have substantial amounts of body hair, but don't openly consider themselves as bears due to both the de-facto definition of the older-aged, daddy-oriented bear subculture and its denizens as well as the fact that many of these younger gay males may have a slim, but hairy body build. Terms such as "teen(age) bears" (also known as "cubs"), "younger otters" or "hairy twinks" may be used for this younger demographic, and its members may most likely come in both larger or slimmer body shapes.

This demographic of younger hairy gay males is obviously not welcomed in either the twink definition or the bear definition, and coverage of this demographic is close to nonexistent.

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