Yona Wallach (Hebrew: יונה וולך‎, 1944-1985) was an Israeli poet. She was proud of her bisexuality and stunned her readers with her daring expressions of sexuality and spirituality combined. Wallach also featured Jungian psychology in her work. Wallach also wrote lyrics for, and performed with, Israeli rock bands. She died of breast cancer in 1985. Her book Island Songs was published in 1969. Below is a typical poem.


With a monkey wrench Lotta combs her hair

Her locks are springs.

She takes pills against different sensations

Of mystery,

Wears a dress of web

And goes out what

Lotta perceives instead of

The truth is that you've got a wonderful body,

So why would you need a pipe of war

But Lotta took pills

And now she understands only words.


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