OwnerPink Triangle Press
PublisherBrandon Matheson
EditorMatt Mills
FoundedMarch 1984
Headquarters491 Church Street

Suite 200
Toronto, ON

M4Y 2C6

Xtra! is a gay magazine, on newsprint in tabloid format, published by Pink Triangle Press in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

History and content Edit

Xtra! was founded in Toronto in March 1984 by Pink Triangle Press, a not-for-profit organization. It was introduced as a four-page tabloid, as a way to broaden "PTP's" Toronto readership. Pink Triangle Press had previously published The Body Politic, and currently publishes two "sister" magazines, Xtra! West and Capital Xtra!.

Xtra!'s associate publisher and managing editor is Matt Mills. Previous managing editors included Paul Gallant and Eleanor Brown.

Past contributors to the publication have included Sandra Alland, Richard Burnett, Brenda Cossman, James Dubro, Gerald Hannon, Matthew Hays, Greg Kearney, Todd Klinck, Greg Kramer, Brent Ledger and Jeffrey Round.

Controversy Edit

The publications have been criticized for featuring explicit photographs, including images of erect penises; the magazine often carries advertisements for pornographic movies, magazines and websites, and sex-oriented clubs such as gay bathhouses, frequently accompanied by photographs.

Other publications Edit

In 1993, Xtra! expanded, adding the publications Xtra! West in Vancouver and Capital Xtra! in Ottawa. The three Xtra! papers also produce an annual Ultimate Pride Guide. The Toronto and Ottawa editions produce an annual lesbian and gay business directory called Index.

Each of the Xtra! paper cities produce an annual Ultimate Pride Guide during the Pride festivals.

The Press also operates, Xtensions, as well as, an online guide to cruising, and Cruiseline, the popular gay chatline and talking classifieds phone systems.

External links Edit

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