XY is a gay male youth-oriented magazine published in the United States of America. Its name is a reference to the XY chromosome pair found in males.

Background Edit

XY was founded in San Francisco and moved its operations to West Hollywood, California in 2004.[1] It publishes roughly four editions a year, and is notorious for its erratic and sometimes late publications of editions. It contains political and cultural articles, pictures, and submissions by readers. Featured comic series include as Tough Love by Abby Denson and Joe Boy by Joe Phillips.

XY is a glossy, color magazine, published bi-monthly, and known best for its original photography, brazenly honest commentary on politics and culture, review of film, music and literature, reader contributions, advice on surviving young and gay, and a rather dark sense of humor.

From its inception in 1996 through 2008, 50 issues have been published. In the winter 2008 issue, founding editor Peter Ian Cummings announced that, by the end of 2008, he would either be leaving the magazine or significantly reducing his responsibilities. In that issue Cummings also announced the formation of a search committee to look for new investors and/or collaborators to replace his two partners who left XY several years ago.

Special editions and other publications Edit

As well as its regular issues, the magazine has published a series of specials:

  • Two editions of the "Survival Guide" were more serious than usual editions with articles on everything from coming out to age of consent laws to gay suicide. The cover of the second edition was illustrated by Abby Denson.
  • "The Best of XY" contained the best of the magazine's articles, as selected by editors, contributors, and readers.
  • "XY: The Photos" contained the best photos from the magazine.
  • "XY: The Photos 1996+2007" contained additional photos


A bimonthly companion magazine XYFoto was launched in 2003 containing only photographs. This magazine is printed on matte paper and contains arousing but non-pornographic images of young men. Most issues are centered on a different city or state. So far, eight issues have been published, with the latest being the winter 2008 "Hot New Jersey Issue" by Peter Ian Cummings and James Patrick Dawson.

Website Edit

XY also operates the website, which features magazine content as well as an online dating service "for young gay men".

Reader demographic Edit

When XY launched in 1996, according to the publisher, the average age of its readers was 22. This has since declined to 18 as of 2001, a demographic shift largely attributable to an increase in under-18 readers, "because people were coming out at younger ages."[2]


  1. XY's address for donations, 8491 Sunset Boulevard, #1, West Hollywood, CA, 90069
  2. | about :: press room

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