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A wolf collar is a type of dog collar that is designed to protect dogs from wolves. Wolf collars are fitted with elongated spikes to stop wolves from attacking dogs on the neck. Such collars are mainly used in countries such as Turkey and Spain, where they are known as carlancas.[1][2] Wolf collars are popular in the BDSM community both for their aesthetics and as the spikes provide extra restraint, although the spikes can be dangerous, so such collars are used with care.[3]


A wolf collar is normally made out of metals such as iron. The length of the spikes can be quite long, but styles differ in different places.[1] The dogs that normally wore the collars were ones used to protect livestock from attack by wolves. The purpose of the collar is to protect the dog wearing it when it has to fight the wolves. The spikes provide protection and can also be used as a weapon. There are some tales that suggest that dogs were only given them after they had killed their first wolf; however, these are normally considered to be inaccurate.[1] The use of wolf collars is now banned in some countries, as it is seen as cruel to dogs.[4]

Wolf collars are also used by the BDSM community. Collars are used in BDSM circles as a sign of submissiveness and worn by bottoms. The spikes provide an extra level of resistance, with longer spikes having a greater visual impact. The spikes also prevent the wearer from lying down or leaning against a wall. Modern wolf collars sometimes have the spikes covered in plastic for extra safety, or have blunt points. Those wearing wolf collars need to be careful not to injure themselves with the spikes.[3]


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