White Crane Institute (commonly known as "White Crane") is a United States non-profit organization headquartered in New York City.

White Crane Institute Logo

White Crane Institute is an educational non-profit dedicated to publishing the Gay wisdom and culture quarterly magazine White Crane.

The institute has published classic in modern gay literature through their White Crane Books imprint. Titles in the series have included work by Andrew Ramer, James Broughton, Toby Johnson, Malcolm Boyd, and Mark Thompson.

On the impetus of gay health advocate Eric Rofes, the institute began and supports Gay Men's Health Academies for the training of gay health advocates towards a positive understanding of sexuality.

In collaboration with the estate of James L. White, the institute sponsors a biennial poetry book manuscript prize, the White Crane/James White Poetry Prize for excellence in Gay Men's Poetry. The inaugural judge is the poet Mark Doty.

The institute has been involved in various educational programs including a traveling photographic exhibition of Gay rights pioneers by the artist Mark Thompson. The institute has also supported the Queer Tribal Elder Film Project, a documentary project chronicling the contributions of gay elders.

White Crane Institute achieved 501(c)(3) status in 2004.

Bo Young is the executive director.

Advisory BoardEdit

Larry Auld Bob Barzan, Bill Blackburn, Right Rev. Malcolm Boyd, Dr. Bill Bradley, John Burnside, David Carter, Rev. Patrick S. Cheng, Robert Croonquist, Kip Dollar, Sandy Dubowski, Murray Edelman Ph.D, Donald Engstrom, David Frechter, Clyde M. Hall, Daniel Helminiak Ph.D, Mark Horn, Fenton Johnson, Toby Johnson Ph.D, Joe Kort MA, MSW, Joseph Kramer Ph.D, Charles Lawrence, Peter Montgomery, Bernard Morin, Beverley O’Donnell, Ken Page, Michael Picucci, Peter Savastano, Ph.D, Ken Smith Ph.D, John Stasio, Mark Thompson, Paul Wirhun, Dan Vera, and Bo Young

Former Members of the Advisory Board

Eric Rofes

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