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Webteases are a relatively new form of pornography that combines erotic storytelling with erotic imagery and sometimes other multimedia content like audio[1] or flash[2]. The viewer is always engaged in a form of sexual roleplaying, supported by the storyline.

History Edit

Webteases were first used in the orgasm denial community around 2001[3].

In 2004, Web Girlfriends was launched, which extended the roleplaying beyond a single session by allowing the user to register[4].

The biggest archive of teases was amongst the community of, where teases could be posted from 2003-2005. In the end there were over 350 teases posted, but due to the 2257 law that was passed in the USA in 2005[5] the teases had to be taken down. However, in July 2006 the webtease archive was reworked by a number of volunteers and a new site was created. This site - called - is now an active community itself with new teases being posted on a constant basis, and now holds the largest number of teases to date. [6].

Typical roleplaying themes Edit

In theory the genre would not be limited by any specific theme. But in practice there are some recurring themes in many webteases.

  • Femdom - By the nature of the genre the pictures mostly show dominant women that give instructions.
  • Erotic sexual denial - As the term webtease suggests, most of the time the viewer is not allowed to orgasm before he reaches the end of the tease if at all.
  • Erotic humiliation - The viewer is asked to perform a humiliating act in front of his computer.
  • Cuckolding
  • Cock and ball torture

Related forms Edit

  • Captioned Images are very similar to webteases, only that the text is written onto the image itself.

References Edit

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External linksEdit

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