Vinokino is an annual lesbian and gay film festival in Finland. The festival started in 1991 in the southwestern city of Turku. In 2001, the festival spread to Helsinki, the Finnish capital. It now offers the same program in both cities and, moreover, shows smaller selections of films in the cities of Tampere and Oulu. The festival has its headquarters in Turku, which is also where the screenings start every year. The festival takes place in October-November, and usually lasts three days in each city.

Vinokino is the only film festival in Finland exclusively presenting gay and lesbian films. The program typically consists of a number of feature films, some documentaries, and at least two selections of short films. All films are either in English or subtitled in English.

The name of the festival, Vinokino, is a compound noun meaning "slanted" or "tilted cinema", emphasising the fact that the festival gives through its selection of films a non-straight slant on relationships and culture.

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