Template:Female adult bio Vaniity (real name Delilah Vaniity Kotero, birth name Pedro Mora Kotero) is a pornographic transsexual film actress. She was born in Uruapan, Mexico on July 26, 1973. Her family migrated to Sunnyvale, northern California when she was seven years old. Vaniity comes from a large family; she has six brothers and four sisters.

Early lifeEdit

According to Vaniity, she was a feminine boy who subconsciously knew he would grow up to be a girl; "I dreamed of being a wonder woman of sorts, I have always admired strong women, especially brunette women, I secretly wore my sisters dresses, openly played with Barbies, played makeup artist & fashion consultant to my mother and sister."

Physical AppearanceEdit

Vaniity's appearance is extremely feminine and even her voice is feminine (which is natural). She claims not to have had any femininity surgeries except breast augmentation. Her measurements are 36D-26-36 and she is 5' 10" tall. She is currently a pre-op transwoman and does not plan to have sex reassignment surgery. Her main reason for the decision is the fear that she'll lose genital sensation and never have an orgasm ever again[citation needed].


She has appeared on The Man Show, HBOs' pornocupia series, and a mainstream short film called The Chick Magnet.[1]


  • AVN Award for Transsexual Performer of The Year, 2004.
  • AVN Award nomination for Virtual Vanity, the first interactive transsexual DVD.[2]
  • Transsexual Babysitters 2, starring Vaniity, won the AVN Award in 2008 for Best Transsexual Video. [3]

Current ProjectsEdit

Despite earlier claims of having retired from the Adult business, she announced on August 20, 2006 that she just finished doing a shoot with Joey Silvera, known for his ROGUE ADVENTURES Adult Films starring Transsexuals. One of her more recent efforts is an autobiographic documentary entitled "A MEASURE OF VANIITY".


In her Adult films, she is known for her energetic scenes with both men and GG women. In T-Girl Fantasies #12, she has a scene with another transsexual for the first time.

Random Order

  • T-Girl Fantasies #12
  • Belladonna - FETISH FANATIC #3
  • Joey Silvera's ROGUE ADVENTURES #4,#13,#15,#18,#20,#26,#27,#29,#30
  • Joey Silvera - VANITY SUPERSTAR
  • David Luger's SOMETHING EXTRA #2
  • Rogue Adventures #30
  • Rouge Adventures #27

Video InterviewsEdit

Interview of September 2006

External linksEdit


  • In 2004 became the first transsexual woman to win an AVN award.
  • First transsexual to be nominated up against a woman, Jenna Jameson at the AVN Awards for Virtual Vanity.
  • She was pictured dancing with the rapper Chingy at the AVN awards totally unaware she was a pre-op transsexual .[4]
  • Double "ii" in her chosen name comes from her belief in

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