• Miiohau

    LGBT info's first bot

    October 8, 2016 by Miiohau

    Wikia has help page on bots but simply a bot is program that makes automated edits or helps a user make semi-automated edits

    1. we have multiple wiki wide issues (non-LGBT red links, cross wiki import issues, etc.) which would tedious and error-prone to remove by hand
    2. we have markup meant for Wikipedia (i.e. “category:Articles with unsourced statements since X”) again tedious and error-prone to remove by hand
    3. we want to refresh our articles from Wikipedia periodically which compounds the above issues

    1. an easy way to make large-scale edits (like renaming a category) without overrunning the WikiActivity and Recent Changes feeds.
    2. a force multiplier that once know of a problem and agree to a solution. It can be implemented wiki-wide quickly. Minimizing…

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  • Miiohau

    I ran across Trans* wiki while looking for LGBT projects to help. It turns out the last edit before me was sometime in 2013 and never got above 5 pages. But it was good project geared toward getting transgendered people the help they needed to transition. But the thing is I can't do everything (no one can) and need help to get this project up and running again.

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