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    Fascinating what's going on across the country, among conservatives, regarding Gay Marriage. An article in the NY Times this morning points out that President Obama's decision to abandon defending the odious Defense Of Marriage Act has aroused little vitriol.

    NY Times

    This is an amazing turn-about. Onewhich bodes well, indeed, for Gay Marriage at both the state and federal level. This will be intriguing to follow as the months lumber along to the Presidential race next year.

    Me, I'm actually optimistic.

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  • Danc09

    Klein Sexuality Grid

    February 24, 2011 by Danc09

    Having been on the Klein Sexuality Grid page here, I decided to take it myself, something I'd never before done. My instinct is to treat these with skepticism. But in taking it, I must admit that it nailed me, perfectly. While I know I'm Gay, to see this spell it out is intriguing. Here 'tis:

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