In New Zealand, UniQ is the Queer Students Association at New Zealand Tertiary Institutions.

UniQ is active at all New Zealand universities and several polytechnics. In New Zealand, the term queer has been reclaimed - that is, it was once (and by many is still held to be) a term of severe offence - to represent all people that are not heterosexual; gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered or transsexual, fa'afafine, takatāpui.

UniQ works to promote education and understanding for and about queer students under-taking tertiary study and regular events held around New Zealand's Tertiary Institutions include Pride Week when local UniQs facilitate a week long series of events usually culminating in a dance party.

UniQ meets once annually at a national conference. These usually include workshops, planning sessions, guest speakers (including political, religious and disabled speakers), plus dinners and a dance (or a night on the town). Recent conferences have been hosted by the following groups:

  • 2001: Massey University MUSA
  • 2002: University of Otago OUSA
  • 2003: Auckland University of Technology AUSM
  • 2004: University of Waikato WSU
  • 2005: Victoria University of Wellington VUWSA
  • 2006: Massey University]] MUSA
  • 2007: University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology AUSA & AUSM
  • 2008: Otago University|University of Otago OUSA

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