Truth Wins Out (abbreviated TWO) is an organization formed by Wayne Besen to counteract what it refers to as the "ex-gay" myth. TWO states that religious groups claiming that they have "cured" individuals of homosexuality are a hoax, and in fact, dangerous to society.

History Edit

Truth Wins Out was formed on June 7, 2006 by Besen as a response to the growing number of ministries and assemblies that promote the ideology that homosexuality is a condition that can be cured.[1] The goal of TWO is to dispel alleged "facts" and misinformation put up by ex-gay activists and discourage people from believing ex-gay propaganda.

References Edit

  1. Besen to Launch Organization to Counter Ex-Gay Myth. Wayne Besen official website (2006-06-02). Retrieved on 2007-03-04.

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