Template:Notability Trinity LGBT, or Dublin University Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Society, is a student society in Trinity College Dublin and the University of Dublin. As one of 99 societies recognised by the Dublin University Central Societies Committee as of 2008[1], its membership is open to students and staff of the University.

Founding Edit

Little is currently known about the identities of the founders of the Society, but the Central Societies Committee records show that it was formally recognised in 1982 as "Dublin University Gay Soc", making it the oldest gay student society in the Republic of Ireland. Prominent gay rights activist Senator David Norris, who co-founded the Sexual Liberation Movement in Trinity College in 1974, has said that the short-lived SLM gave way to, among other things, DU Gay Soc. Furthermore, student publications from the 1970s and early 1980s, such as "New Miscellany", frequently referred to an active "Gay Society"[2]. It is therefore reasonable to assume that a gay student society existed informally in Trinity College from the mid 1970s until its formal recognition in 1982.

Aims Edit

The constitutional aims of the LGBT Society for which it is recognised by the Central Societies Committee are to "support the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students" in Trinity College[3]. While earlier versions of the Society focused heavily on gay rights advocacy and equality actions, the Society today concerns itself primarily with providing a social resource for LGBT students, while rights issues are dealt with by Dublin University Students Union[4].

Size and Facilities Edit

In recent years Trinity LGBT Society has grown to a membership of between 200 and 250 students and staff, and is classified as a "Medium Sized Society" by the Central Societies Committee. It occupies a room in House 6 of Trinity College Dublin.

Activities Edit

The LGBT Society holds events open to its membership every week of term, and organises Trinity Rainbow Week. Rainbow Week is a week of events designed to draw the attention of the College community to issues facing LGBT students and staff, including demonstrations, lectures, exhibitions and charity events.

External links Edit

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