TREVVY started in August 2006 through a re-branding exercise of Singapore's first gay portal.[1] has over 120,000 registered users and counts renowned international brands such as Nivea, Nike, New Balance, Sony BMG, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, L'Oreal and British Airways amongst its growing slate of advertisers.[2]

Its mission statement, "TREVVY is not about changing the world. It's about being who you are." [3] is a reflection of its belief in micro-activism:

Be a living example to your friends and family. Show them that gay people are no different from anyone else (this includes practising safer sex!) and from there we can change our society’s attitude on homosexuality one person at a time.[4]

In February 2007, was awarded the Hitwise Online Performance Award recognizing it as the most visited gay and lesbian website in Singapore.[5]

In August 2007, launched an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign called Evolve which is the first such campaign in Singapore to use digital animation.[6][7] was awarded the Arts Supporter Award by Singapore's National Arts Council for its contributions towards the local arts scene.[8]

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