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The Transsexual News Telegraph was a quarterly news and topics magazine published in United States from 1991 to 2002.

TNT originally was published as Rites of Passage, the official publication of the New Womens Conference, with Anne Ogborn as the editor. It began as a magazine for the then nascent "post op movement".

After two issues the magazine came under the editorship of Gail Sondegaard, changed its name to Transsexual News Telegraph, and ceased being officially tied to the New Womens Conference.

TNT continued to be published approximately quarterly until 2002. In 1999 Katherine Collins joined the paper as Art Director. She and Gail Sondegaard continued publishing until 2002, when publication ceased.

The magazine was published in 8 1/2 x 11 format saddle stitched 48 pages over most of its life. After about 1998 publication became less frequent and the publication grew thicker.

TNT always had a strong anti neo-colonization medical emphasis, and featured many articles on trans related art and cultural events, reviews of relevant movies, as well as News On The March, a section of transsexual related news. For a description of TNT content see the commentary following the article at bottom of this page.

Never with a very large subscriber base, the magazine had more influence because of its status as a tool for discussions among trans activists during the emergence of the Transgender rights movement. Never with a print run much above 500, a Google search (Feb 11, 2007) reveals 266 references to the magazine.

In the mid 1990s TNT began organizing issues of the magazine around specific topics.

Notable articlesEdit

  • Early (1992) coverage of trans man Loren Cameron's photography
  • Transgender Liberation (1993)
  • Saheli! Anne Ogborn's recounting of experiences with the Hijra community
  • Nancy Nangeroni's "Gender Identity Disorder: What to Do?," on DSM categorization and pathologization of gender difference. (1997) [1]
  • On Being a Trans-Parent (Issue #9, Autumn 2000) Jamison Green

Cover Art Edit

TNT covers often portrayed Trans Identities or Art

The Back Cover Edit

The back cover was usually a piece of graphic art with a thought provoking theme. For example, the first RoP had a poster purporting to describe the causes of nontranssexualism.

Trivia Edit

At one point TNT was going to run a false advertisement from Apple Computer. Deliberately mimicking their Think Different ads, the ad would have featured Christine Jorgenson's famous photo standing on the airliner stairs, with the Apple Logo and Think Different. They dropped the idea at the last minute, concerned over copyright infringement of Apple's trademark.

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