Translesbian feminism, or lesbian transfeminism, is a fusion of lesbian feminism and transfeminism which focuses on appraising the female experience at both the gender-identification and sexual-identification levels for translesbians.

Translesbian feminism vs. transfeminism and lesbian feminismEdit

The combination of the two ideologies go in two directions:

  • to extend the tenets of transfeminism to those who are male-assigned-at-birth (AMAB) and identify as women but have sex with women
  • to extend the tenets of lesbian feminism to those who have sex with women and identify as women but were male-assigned-at-birth.

Translesbian feminism arises as a reaction to both the seeming restriction of transfeminism's scope to those who identify as transgender/transsexual but are Heterosexual in that they have sex with those who are opposite of their more-recently-assumed sexual structure (i.e., a person who is born a man and identifies as a woman but has sex with a male-identified man) and the seeming restriction of lesbian feminism's scope to those who are born female and identify as female. However, it is not necessarily exclusive to those who espouse either type of feminism.

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