Trans-Ponder : Transgender Life in the Trenches
Icon for the Trans-ponder Show
HostingMila and Jayna
DebutJuly 2007

Part of the TransFM network, Trans-Ponder is a podcast and audio blog by two M2F transsexuals.

Transponder is an internet radio show for those considering, seeking to begin, or in the process of gender transition, and for those who wish to learn more about, or lend support to the transgender community. The show hosts share their own experiences and insights as well as those of their guests and celebrities. Topics covered include LGBT issues, Genderqueer, HRT, Male to Female and Female to Male transition, Surgical Procedures, Intersexed, AIS, PAIS, Standards of Care, Pre-op and Post op life, etc.

Show Personalities Edit

Co-Host and Web Designer: Mila Ponder (Miss Taken)

Co-Host and Show Editor: Jayna Ponder (Miss Fortune)

Roving Reporter: Karen Savage

Notable actions Edit

Part of the TransFM network of internet radio programs, and is also featured on Itunes under the categories of transgender and sexuality.

Trans-ponder (and its hosts) are long standing members of the transgender community, and have been pivotal in activism for gender rights, including work with PFLAG, The Gay and Lesbian Task force, GLAD, Transadvocate, and the Sacramento Gender Association. The show addresses Transgender issues, announces current events, reports news stories related to gender issues, and run PSA's and calls to action for the transgender community. Show hosts have been featured on KVMR radio in conjunction with PFLAG in support of National Coming Out Day

Interviews on the show have included celebrities such as transgender activist Calpernia Addams , actor and activist Jim Howley ("Transamerican Love Story" and "Sex Change Hospital"), Activist and Media Producer Andrea James (Deep Stealth Productions), transgender comedian Maddie Blaustein (voice of Meowth on Pokemon), as well as local trans men and women who share their experiences.

Karen Savage, roving reporter for trans-ponder, was one of only 2 trans women to stand up against the Real ID Act in front of Homeland Security in CA at the real id act town hall in 2007. She also reported on and participated in the SF "Left Out Party" protest. See the Webcast from Real ID town hall here - [1]

Trans-ponder shows a continued increase in listener-ship and popularity amongst trans-radio shows, with listeners all over the world, including the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

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