Tony Masters is a character at HBO drama Oz played by Steven Wishnoff.

Character Overview Edit

Tony Masters (prisoner 98M922) was sent to Emerald City in 1998, when it reopened after 1997 riot. As the gay leader, Masters is almost always seen with fellow gay inmates Fiona Zonioni (his cell mate), Pinkerton and Downing. Also, Masters was a friend of Jason Cramer and was his corner man in the boxing episodes.

Notes Edit

  • The Official Oz website states his name is Tony.
  • A deleted scene from the the episode, "Blizzard of '01" shows Masters trying to seduce Tobias Beecher while Chris Keller was in Massachusetts, but Beecher denied him.
  • A deleted scene from the episode, "You Bet Your Life" shows Masters, Zonioni and one other inmate as Las Vegas Showgirls, fan dancing as Hill delivers one of his monologs from the box.
  • When Alonzo Torquemada came to Oz in Season 6, Masters became infatuated with him.
  • When the series ended, Masters was handcuffed to Torquemada and they were evacuated from the prison together.

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