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Tokyo Decadence (Topāzu) is a 1992 Japanese film. The film was directed by Ryu Murakami with music by Ryuichi Sakamoto. The film stars Miho Nikaido and is known by two other titles, Topaz and Sex Dreams of Topaz. It has been banned in Australia and South Korea. Shimada Masahiko appears in the film playing hentai.

A timid Japanese college girl, Ai (愛, lit. "love"), tries to make ends meet as a light SM/bondage girl for hire within a world of lavishly wealthy Tokyo penthouses.

The bulk of the film is comprised of four sex sequences, the first and last involving dildos and mirrors, with the S/M relationship being inverted, the middle two asphyxiation with, again, a reversal of roles. The actual story revolves around Ai's unrequited love for a married gallery artist. At the beginning of the movie Ai visits a fortune-teller who advises her to find a "pink stone" and fashion it into a ring. The fortune teller also advises Ai to avoid a gallery in the east. Ai later loses the ring, later finds it again, later goes to the artist's house, has the police called on her and has the police called off by one of the artist's neighbors whose affair with (but not love for) him has ended.

The general themes of the film are the sterility and coldness of life, and the inability to make a human connection in the modern world.

At least two versions of the film exist, with the shorter one edited more for pacing than for censorship.

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