Template:Infobox Chef Tiffani Faison (born October, 1977 in Germany[citation needed]) is an American chef and was one of two finalists on the first season of Bravo's reality show "Top Chef". Faison stated that if she had won she would have used the prize money to pay off bills and travel through Europe to broaden her culinary education. However, she finished second place to Harold Dieterle.

Faison was born in Germany to American parents and raised as a self-described "Army brat" in various parts of the United States, including Boston, Massachusetts and Northern California.[citation needed] Just prior to appearing on Top Chef she was employed as chef de partie under Daniel Boulud at his restaurant in the Wynn Las Vegas and also worked at the Tao restaurant at The Venetian in the same city. She has no formal culinary school training.[1]

After the airing of the final episode of Top Chef in May, 2006, Faison took a summer position cooking at the Straight Wharf restaurant in Nantucket, Massachusetts, working under chefs Amanda Lydon and Gabriel Frasca.[2] She is currently the executive chef at Todd English's brasserie, Riche, in New Orleans, Louisiana.[3] In May 2007, bisexual[4]Faison will cohost a Greek Isles culinary cruise for Olivia, a lesbian lifestyle and travel services company.[5]


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