Tie and tease refers to the BDSM practice of tying up a partner for sexual pleasure and then denying him or her an orgasm (see also erotic sexual denial).

The teasee is tied down and then repeatedly stimulated without relief. Any form of tying or bondage may be used, but it is classically practised with a spreadeagle tie to a four poster bed. This is often the first area couples explore after experimenting with bondage since it combines pleasure with some form of power play. It may or may not be an entrée to more painful play such as pinching and ice cubes. Interestingly, negotiation in BDSM usually focuses on what will or won't be done and not on the emotion. Tie and tease is inherently a psychological activity as well as a physical one.

Often, the bound person will be gagged so as to increase their sense of helplessness. They may also be blindfolded for the same reason, or not blindfolded so that they can see their teaser being provocative by for example dressing in lingerie or having sex with a third person. There may be an intimate examination.


Priapism, or prolonged erection, lasting several hours, can be damaging to the penis.[1] Extended tie and tease activities may be affected by this.

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  1. For example, see similar warnings on the erectile dysfunction medicine Viagra that medical advice should urgently be sought for erection over 4 hours to avoid permament damage to the blood vessels of the penis.


  • This article incorporates text from the article on Tie and tease in Wipipedia, the free-content Fetish and BDSM encyclopedia.


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