The Queer Frontier is a radio program which was ran on KABF-FM in Little Rock, Arkansas in the 1990s. It was co-founded by Eric Camp, an Arkansas AIDS/HIV activist and broadcast radio professional,[1] and co-hosted by Camp, Craig Wendzl and Shana Saunders. It began during the late 1980s, and a special episode was broadcast during the 1993 March on Washington on April 25, 1993, featuring input from Saunders and Jennifer Chilcoat, on-location members of the Arkansas state delegation to the event. The series was backed by the Arkansas branch of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. It is not known when the series ended as a regular broadcast on KABF-FM.

A podcast bearing the title "Queer Frontier: The Next Generation" was created and hosted by Dylan Lueck and Ari Chagoya from 2009-2010, and ended after 6 episodes.


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