The Pygmalion Syndrome is a mature website founded on May 29, 2000 by the author "Leem", who is based "somewhere in England". The site acquired its own domain in 2002.

The site showcases Leem's science fiction and fantasy stories dedicated to agalmatophilia. Typically these stories feature young, sexually active gay, lesbian or bisexual characters, who are transformed into statues or paralyzed or otherwise rendered immobile, while remaining fully conscious and capable of experiencing intense sexual pleasure, consensual or otherwise.

The site also houses a "fine art" gallery displaying works of art that have inspired Leem's fiction, either directly or indirectly, and another gallery showing comics and other art based on the fetish.

In addition, the site hosts Winterrose's Technosexuality FAQ pages, together with several related but dormant sites that would otherwise have been deleted from the web.

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