The Men I Wanted is a gay pornographic film directed by Lucas Kazan in 2007. "Kazan knows how to photograph men like no other", writes TLAvideo. And Maleflixxx Tribe: " He uses light and location in a way that the performers glow and come to life on screen." His 16th feature film garnered a Grabby Award nomination (Best International Video) and six GayVN Award nominations (including Best Director, Best Picture, Best Videography). It won for Best Actor in a Foreign Release. "It's refreshing to see such passion oozing from the heart of director Lucas Kazan, who offers yet another love letter to Italy", writes Brady Jensen in GayVN.


Four episodes set in/around a Tuscan farm. The narrator (Samuel Dolce) daydreams about the many men he's longed for: Mark and Pietro in the first flashback, Jean Franko and Alexy Tyler cruising each other by the pool, Roberto Giorgio and Ethan Clarke messing around in their bedroom, Lucas Andrades and Glenn Santoro at the trattoria. In the final flashback, Samuel reminisces about his affairs with Mark Federico.

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