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The Image is a 1975 American film, re-released in an edited version 1976. The film is also known by two other titles: The Punishment of Anne and The Mistress and the Slave and was directed by Radley Metzger. The film is based upon the classic 1956 sadomasochistic novel L'Image, written by Catherine Robbe-Grillet and published under the pseudonym of Jean de Berg.

The story of Jean (played by Carl Parker), a writer who meets an old friend, Claire (Marilyn Roberts), at a party and is soon drawn into her world of sadomasochism along with her slave, Anne (Mary Mendum, aka Rebecca Brooke, and Metzger's girlfriend at the time).


The movie's structure is divided in 10 chapters, separated by white writing on a black background:

  • 1. An Evening at the X...'s
  • 2. The Roses in Bagatelle Gardens
  • 3. Too Much Water and Its Consequences
  • 4. False Starts
  • 5. The Photographs
  • 6. An Expiatory Sacrifice
  • 7. The Fitting Room
  • 8. In the Bathroom
  • 9. The Gothic Chamber
  • 10. Everything Resolves Itself


  • "Anyone into sado-masochism will get obvious fulfillment by watching the surface physical thrills that Metzger provides. The true fulfillment for this viewer was delving deeper into the themes of dominance and submission that the characters were exploring in their relationships."[1]
  • "This is a must own for anyone interested in the fetishes portrayed (graphic oral sex, bondage, whipping, and urination), and also for those who would like to see what quality porn can look like."[2]

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