The Glamazons are a Wellington, New Zealand based drag-troupe consisting of seasoned performers Ellie Kat, Victoria, Natasha Crowe and La Toya JackSin, named after the cheerleading team in the TV show "Popular".

All had been performing as individuals or together for five years including sell-out shows in Wellington, Hamilton, Nelson and Christchurch, and came together in early 2007 to form New Zealand's first super-drag-troupe with a big promotional campaign resulting in newspaper covers in Express, The Wellingtonian and Capital Times. The Wellingtonian called them "New Zealand's top drag troupe" in the 8 March 2007 issue.

Their first public performance as The Glamazons was at the Wellington Gay and Lesbian Fair afterparty on March 10 which was sold out. There they performed in a battle alongside chart-topping musical act "Boyband". It is expected that this show (with Boyband) will tour New Zealand following its Wellington success.[1]

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