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The Bilerico Project is an American LGBT-focused group blog which was initially founded by Indiana-based couple Bil Browning and Jerame Davis. Initially founded as Browning's personal website in 1998 (according to Browning, the name was a portmanteau of "Bill and Eri's Company" which was devised by himself and college roommate Eri Muramatsu[1]), it was reestablished in 2004 as a blog, expanded into a group blog in 2005 to cover Indiana LGBT topics, and further re-branded in 2007 with the help of Alex Blaze to cover national LGBT topics.[2]


  • The Advocate magazine's top ten blogs of 2007 and the "Top Political Blog" of 2009
  • A "must read", according to the Washington Post


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  2. About Us. The Bilerico Project.

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