The Ben and Dave Show is an interactive podcast and television series on the LGBT-themed here! television network. The podcast debuted online at in October 2007.[1] The televised version of the show premiered on here! on March 14, 2008.[2] The podcast and the series are hosted by radio personality Ben Harvey and comedian Dave Rubin. The Ben and Dave Show features commentary from the pair on a variety of topics and interview segments.

Shortly after the television debut, The Ben and Dave Show podcasts disappeared from the here! website. No explanation has been forthcoming.

Critical responseEdit

The Washington Blade praised the series, calling The Ben and Dave Show a "fun new release."[3] Entertainment Weekly concurred, citing the show's "catty chat" and the solid pairing of Harvey and Rubin as reasons to watch.[2] The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette called the series "sort of like the old Howard Stern show on E!, but 2/3 less raunchy and 1/3 more gay."[4]


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