Typeblog, news
Launch dateJanuary 2005
Editor(s)Dennis Ayers
Registration requiredOptional
LanguageEnglish launched under the name "". The site is not affiliated with Elton John, although its original name refers to the milestone for gay men when John publicly came out. The site considers television, film, music, books, and celebrity news. It publishes articles, regular columns, reviews, recaps of television shows with gay and bisexual characters, and maintains several blogs, including the "Meme" by Ed Kennedy.[1] Co-founder Michael Jensen was Editor in Chief from 2005 until September 25, 2011, when Dennis Ayers, formerly the site's managing editor, took over as editor of the site.[2]

On January 12, 2012, the site announced that Louis Virtel had been hired as its West Coast entertainment editor.[3]

Dennis Ayers announced on January 31, 2013 that AfterElton would be changing its name to in April. The change was motivated by a desire to separate the site from its "AfterEllen's little brother" origin and to reflect the site's general focus on Hollywood and the film and television industry.[4] The relaunch under the new name took place on April 17, 2013.

References Edit

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