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Tasha Williams is a fictional character on the Showtime television network series The L Word. She is played by the American actress Rose Rollins.


Tasha is a Military Police officer in the Army National Guard.

Season FourEdit

Tasha is suffering from trauma as a result of Iraq combat experiences. Her friend Papi introduces her to Alice Pieszecki and the two begin a relationship, complicated by their divergent views about the Iraq war.

The season ends with Alice and Tasha reconciling before Tasha is deployed to Iraq.

Season FiveEdit

Tasha is not deployed in Iraq, but instead is investigated for homosexual conduct by her Army superior. The situation escalates when Alice is drawn into investigation.

When Alice publicly outs an NBA player, this prompts her and Tasha to break up.

Tasha's character continues on in the season to explain to her superiors the many things she has accomplished while serving in the Army. Her desire to continue serving is further expressed in her willingness to deny the fact that she is a Lesbian.

Colonel Gillian Davis, played by Kelly McGillis, is brought in to prosecute Tasha's case. Colonel Davis is presented in subsequent episodes as potentially being a lesbian, though it is never explicitly stated. Colonel Davis also calls in Alice to testify in Tasha's case.

When Colonel Davis asks Alice if she has had sexual relationships with Tasha, Alice goes on to say,

You know what? This whole thing - this whole thing is a crock. It's a frickin' witch hunt.

I mean, you're trying to say that Tasha's a lesbian because of her association with me. With lame, trumped up evidence.

I'm sorry, but I could just as easily say that I think you're a lesbian, Colonel Davis. With the propensity to engage in homosexual conduct because of the way you looked at me in the hallway the other day.

Colonel Davis is irritated and the trial enters a recess. The Colonel approaches Alice privately and requests that she refrain from making such accusing comments. If Alice complies and gives Tasha a heads up, the Colonel suggests she will let Tasha's case go.

When Tasha is brought to the stand to speak for herself, she states,

One of the things that is asked of us when we go to the front lines is that we be prepared to be separated from the people that we love. And we ask that of them, too. We ask them to let us go and fight for their freedom, maybe to never come home. And when we do come home, we feel blessed.

It seems so wrong, now, to have my personal freedom denied to me within my own country. It seems wrong to watch the person that I love be interrogated like a criminal when she did nothing wrong.

Afterwards, Tasha admits to being in love with Alice.

Tasha and Alice re-unite after the trial.

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