T-Tape is a specially designed double-fold of tape which, when attached to the penis can help facilitate foreskin restoration. It is particularly well-suited for men who have little foreskin remaining on the penis, and want to begin the process rapidly.

The T-Tape is designed with two strips, adhering to one another to avoid disconnection from the skin. It is applied around the shaft of the penis, and pulled forward to provide tension. To maximize tension on the skin both above and below the tape, it is often applied at a point of equilibrium. In most cases, the T-Tape is attached to an elastic strap worn around the waist or down a leg. In some cases, weights have been attached to the tape, although this is usually considered an uncomfortable configuration.

History Edit

T-Tape was invented in the 1990s to accelerate growth of new cells, and enable restoration to take less time. Many men have published online diaries of their restoration using this method, and some have found keeping a photo diary helpful and encouraging during the process.

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