Têtu (French for "stubborn") is a gay magazine published in France. It is subtitled in French le magazine des gays et lesbiennes (English: the magazine of gays and lesbians).

History Edit

Published since 1995, co-founded by Didier Lestrade and Pascal Loubet, directed by Pierre Bergé, it was started following the demise of Gai Pied magazine (published 1979–1992).

Overview Edit

The magazine contains interviews on LGBT issues, with politicians, celebrities, writers, dancers and so forth, along with articles and reviews on LGBT-themed books or films. Another section is concerned with LGBT news around the world, country by country. There are also posters, advertisements of brand clothes for men, and a few pages on lesbian issues. Additionally, some pages are dedicated to the news around AIDS, prevention and treatment. Periodically a free information guide entitled Têtu+ is published about HIV and AIDS.

In the summer, Têtu Plage, a magazine made specially for the beach ('plage' translates as 'beach'), is also published. It features pictures and crosswords, among other things.

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