Template:Advert The Sydney Pride Centre is a non-profit organization community centre that provides a safe, friendly, and accessible space for members of the gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and queer (LGBT) communities of Sydney.

Sydney Pride Centre provides a physical venue at the Erskineville Town Hall for the community organisations and individuals to meet, work, and socialise together.

Objectives Edit

The objectives of the centre are to manage and develop a community centre, to promote and encourage the cultural development and documentation of our diverse communities, to facilitate access to educational and training opportunities, to encourage the broadest possible community participation and to promote, encourage and support, health and well being across our diverse community.

Working in Partnership Edit

The Sydney Pride Centre has established links between community groups and works closely with other organisations, for the benefit of the community. An example of this is the work done with ACON, the Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby and Queerscreen to set up the New Mardi Gras (formerly Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras).

Sydney Pride Centre's biggest collaborative project is the annual PRIDE Week celebrations commemorating the Stonewall Riots. This event brings together over 30 different organisations and groups across Sydney every year.

The Sydney Pride Centre also holds community forums to explore important issues and develop ideas and projects. These are held as the need arises, and bring together a wide range of community organisations.

Gay & Lesbian Memorial Edit

The Gay and Lesbian Memorial Project was founded by a group of community activists. Over the years they raised funds and decided, with South Sydney City Council, on the site at Green Park in Darlinghurst. Darlinghurst is considered the heart of Sydney's gay and lesbian population. Green Park is adjacent to the Jewish Museum, which ensures that the memorial retains its historic meaning.

The memorial was constructed over a period of months in 2000. It's dedication ceremony occurred on Tuesday, 27 February 2001, when the memorial was handed over to the custodianship of the Sydney Pride Centre.

Speakers at the dedication included;

  • Cr John Fowler, Mayor of South Sydney City Council
  • Ms Luci Ellis, past President of Gay & Lesbian Holocaust Memorial Project Incorporated
  • Mr John Marsden (lawyer), Chairperson of the Gay & Lesbian Holocaust Memorial Project Incorporated
  • The Hon. Justice Marcus Einfeld AO QC
  • Ms Lou-Anne Lind, President of the Sydney Pride Centre
  • Kitty Fischer, holocaust survivor

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