Switch was a Romanian LGBT magazine published by the Cluj-Napoca-based organisation Be An Angel. The magazine was the successor to Angelicuss, the country's first LGBT magazine. Switch had 40 pages.

The first issue of Switch was released on July 1, 2005, and dealt extensively with the organisation of Romania's first gay pride parade, as part of Bucharest's annual GayFest. A second issue was released in September and the 3 in January 2006 by Andrei Pop (without Be An Angel)

The Switch Magazine was an LGBT magazine published by Be An Angel Romania in collaboration with SC.ContraAD.SRL ( With Michael Labelle as the head manager). Switch is the successor of Angelicuss Magazine ( the first LGBT magazine from Romania ). Switch had 40 color pages and was distributed with pay by the national distribution network . - After the first two numbers edited in Cluj-Napoca by the team lead by Lucian Dunareanu ( chief editor ),executive head manager of Be An Angel Romania (the majority of the team members being working journalists with specialized studies ), Michael Labelle moved to Bucharest following Andrei Pop's proposal to make the Switch Magazine together without the help of Be An Angel.

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