Suporn Watanyusakul is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon in Chonburi Province, Thailand. He is considered by some to be a world leader in surgical procedures for transsexual people, namely facial feminization surgery and sex reassignment surgery male-to-female.

Watanyusakul's form of vaginoplasty has been referred to as the Suporn technique. Dr. Suporn's method is quite different from the typical sexual reassignment surgery because he does not use a penile inversion method. Instead, Suporn constructs the vaginal canal with scrotal skin and uses the penile tissues for a labia, clitoris, and other external features. A full thickness inguinal (groin crease) skin graft is used for the vaginal lining in cases where inadequate scrotal skin is available. Dr. Suporn's method generally yields a deeper neovagina than the more standard penile inversion technique Template:Verify source.

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