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Star Maidens is a television series made by Portman Productions for the ITV Network in 1976. Filmed at Bray Studios and on location in Windsor, Bracknell and Black Park, the series was part financed by a German company, Werbung im Rundfunk, and was the brainchild of Charles Pym.

The series offered a battle of the sexes/role reversal scenario in which two male domestics escape from the female-ruled planet Medusa, land on Earth and are pursued by the Medusan security forces. When the Medusans fails to recapture the two men, they take two Earth hostages - a man and a woman - back with them to their home planet. The thirteen episodes of the series deal with the two groups trying to adapt to life on the different planets whilst brokering an exchange for the hostages.

Regarded as something of a camp novelty, Star Maidens tuned in to the sexual equality revolution of the time, and features some Femdom elements. The series starred Judy Geeson, Gareth Thomas, and Lisa Harrow.

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The complete series of Star Maidens is available on DVD (Region 2, UK) from Delta.

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