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A spreader bar is a physical restraint used in bondage play. It is a stiff bar typically two to three feet (sixty to ninety cm) long, though some can telescope to varying lengths, with attachment points for restraints at each end. They may include extra attachment points along their length for collars, suspension play, or as anchoring points for ropes or chains. Not all spreader bars, however, are designed to support the weight of a person.

When worn on the wrists, a spreader bar holds the arms spread away from the body and provides unimpeded access to the torso. When worn on the ankles or between the knees, it holds the legs apart and immobilizes the wearer by preventing all but the most awkward walking; keeping the legs spread also allows free access to the wearer's groin and trunk. If there are bars between the knees and between the ankles, the wearer may be forced to bend their knees, making walking even harder. A pair of spreader bars may hold the wearer in a spreadeagle position.

A spreader bar that fastens to the neck and wrists is a yoke.

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