So Gay TV is a Canadian television talk show, which aired on PrideVision in the early 2000s.[1] Hosted by Mathieu Chantelois and later by Jason Ruta,[1] the program originally aired in 2001 as an Internet television series connected to U8TV: The Lofters,[2] and was picked up by PrideVision after that network's launch.[3] The series ended in 2002 after the cancellation of The Lofters, although it continued to air in repeats on PrideVision.[4]

So Gay TV mixed panel discussions and interviews with documentary and feature reports on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues and life in Canada.[5] One of the show's most widely publicized segments was an interview with Hal Sparks, one of the stars of Queer as Folk, about his experience as a heterosexual actor playing a gay character.

The show was nominated for Best Talk Series at the 2002 Gemini Awards.[6]

References Edit

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