Corrie Floris [1] (born December 23, 1975, in Stillwater, Minnesota) is a former American pornographic actress and model, who is now a hip hop artist. She is best known by her stage name Sky Lopez.

Since entering the porn industry in 1999, Lopez has both acted and directed pornographic films, as well as being employed under exclusive contracts with Vivid Entertainment (making her a Vivid Girl) and Shane's World Studios. She was also involved in many porn films and photo shoots with friend and fellow pornstar, Krystal Steal, with whom she had an off-screen romantic relationship.

Despite her popularity and being considered one of the most exotic actresses in the business, Sky decided to retire in 2005. She has denounced the adult entertainment industry as being

"a long, exhausting, emotional winding road that leads to nowhere but self destruction"..."a very ugly world. Not one I would recommend for anyone." [2][3]

Sky retired to become a hip-hop artist. She states that she had a dream in which she was "saved". Her dream showed her the path her life should take. In result, she moved into a religious ministry house for six months. While staying there, she studied the Bible. She is now a devout Christian.[2]

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