Silver Moon is an imprint of UK BDSM publisher Shadowline Publishing. Silver Mink is another Shadowline imprint. Silver Moon, which publishes new BDSM novels every month, was founded in 1992, by Pentland Hick, who edited the first 50 titles. Hick continues to publish similar content e-books under the imprint .

The books have won an international following over the years through the honesty of their approach to BDSM. Although sold on high streets they make no secret of their content. The editorial policy is targeted on providing the reader with exactly what the cover of the book promises.

Silver Moon authors are specifically tasked with providing good simple plotlines, vivid characters and plenty of imaginative sex and BDSM. The stories are both fem-sub and fem-dom and as many authors are experienced practitioners the results are stimulating scenes of knowledgeable sadomasochistic activity contained within fast paced and readable narrative.

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