Shirley Temple Bar (aka Declan Buckley) is a drag queen from Dublin, Ireland whose name is a play on both Shirley Temple and a cultural area of Dublin city called Temple Bar. A 1997 winner of the Alternative Miss Ireland competition, Shirley hosts a weekly bingo and drag show in Dublin's largest gay bar, The George.

The character also presented the Irish National Lottery's "Telly Bingo" twice weekly on Ireland's national broadcast channel, Radio Telefís Éireann (RTÉ) for three years. This was controversial from the outset with many complaints claiming that a drag queen presenting a show for housewives and the elderly was offensive. Many felt Shirley was not offensive enough, especially as the format did not allow Shirley to demonstrate the attitude and sass that fans at The George had come to love. Either way, Shirley left the show in 2004 with her alter ego, Declan Buckley, taking over the spot. Ironically, Shirley's departure resulted in further complaints.

Featured on several documentaries for Irish and British television, an Irish language programme by broadcaster TG4 was nominated for an Irish Film and Television Award in 2003.

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