Seth, channeled by Jane Roberts, and Elias, channeled by Mary Ennis, are two sources of channeled information offering insight into the nature of LGBT in regards to beings incarnated upon Earth. According to Elias, at least one homosexual lifetime, or focus, is experienced in the incarnation cycle of a physical being.

Seth Edit

"The very deep love that you have for each other, my dear friends, is in the overall a bisexual love, for you have known each other many times, and in different sex roles."

-- The Early Sessions, Book 8, pg 213, Session 399

"In larger terms, it is as natural for a man to love a man, and for a woman to love a woman, as it is to show love for the opposite sex. For that matter, it is more natural to be bisexual."

-- The Nature of the Psyche, pg 61, Session 769

Elias Edit

"Within agreement to be entering into the cycle of physical manifestation within this dimension, you choose to manifest three times at the very least; therefore offering yourself the experience of sexual orientation of male, female, and that which you deem to be ‘other,’ or homosexual. This physical dimension incorporates great emphasis upon sexual orientation and the experience of that ... also of emotion. In this, you offer yourselves the experience of each of these orientations. You may not choose to be engaging a lengthy focus within certain gender orientation or within the expression of homosexuality. This is your choice, but you shall manifest within one each of these orientations for the experience."

"... Be remembering also that all of your focuses are simultaneous. They are all beside each other. They are not ‘in front of’ or before each other. They exist presently within the now, for this is what exists within consciousness is the now. There is no past or future. It is merely a perception within your creation of your time framework, which appears to be moving in a linear motion; but this being also why you may experience ease in viewing other focuses of your essence, for they are occurring simultaneously. As you are, they are also. “As essence is choosing to be entering any physical manifestation, they are all choices. An essence may be choosing to enter only one physical dimension. An essence may be choosing to be entering thousands of physical dimensions. The choice to be entering physical manifestations occurs at once."

-- Elias, Session 202

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