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Sebastian O is the title of a comic book series written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Steve Yeowell for DC's Vertigo imprint, which was published in 1993. Originally published as a three-issue mini-series, it was later published in a trade paperback.


The story, an early example of what became known as steampunk, tells the story of Sebastian O, a young flamboyant assassin in an alternate history, technologically advanced Victorian era London and his attempts to track down whoever condemned him to prison for his moral crimes and transgressive literature.

Trained as an assassin, the world-traveling Sebastian belongs to the Club de Paradis Artificiel, which included the lesbian George, the pederast Abbe, and Sebastian's current nemesis, Lord Theo Lavender. While certainly morally unsound (he shoots a police officer in cold blood and has his butler feed it to cats) Sebastian is nonetheless a sympathetic character as he tracks down the whereabouts of Lavender, who betrayed him and had Sebastian locked up in Bedlam for offending Victorian morals.

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The series has been collected into a trade paperback:

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