Lesben und Schwule in der SPD, or Schwusos, is the LGBT wing of the Social Democratic Party of Germany.

The Association of gays and lesbians in the SPD (Schwusos) is the organization of social democratic LGBTI who organized within the SPD. The Association was founded in 1978 as still working group and has now 14 national associations. Since the Federal Congress of the SPD 2011 Schwusos have received an appreciation of a working group to a joint venture in the SPD. They are the oldest group LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex people) in the Federal Republic of Germany.

At the national conference of the Schwusos in Leipzig the Hessian lawyer Ansgar Dittmar was elected for the third time to the national chairman on 6 and 7 October 2012 Design. The federal board also consists of 13 deputy chairmen.

History Edit

War in the early years of the Schwusos still the primary objective of the abolition of § 175 of the Criminal Code , the so-called gay paragraphs, so they sat down after that, among other things for the equal treatment of life partnership with the date in Germany exclusively heterosexual marriage (z. B. in tax law ) a. They also call for cooperation with the SPD federal party the "opening" of marriage to homosexual couples. [1] Other objects of Schwusos have a special right of asylum for persecuted gays and lesbians , a joint adoption rights for gay and lesbian ("same-sex ") Partnerships and the addition of Article 3 of the Basic Law to an anti-discrimination addition to sexual identity, set up a national action plan against homophobia and transphobia and to support a nationwide network of local educational initiatives in schools.

The Schwusos sat down for the establishment of a memorial for the homosexual victims of National Socialism, as well as for the establishment of a Foundation for Research on homosexuality from political science, sociological and historical perspective. The Schwusos also support the initiative Article three of LSVD , which has set itself the complement of the third article of the Basic Law to the goal. [2]

On 4 December 2011, the Schwusos were revalued at the congress of the SPD in Berlin with three majority to work community. [3] This made a new foundation necessary, which took place in early October 2012 in Leipzig. The longtime chairman of the working group Ansgar Dittmar was re-elected.

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