The newspaper, Salt Lake Metro was a free gay and lesbian bi-weekly newspaper published in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was published by Metro Publishing, Inc. owned by Michael Aaron and Steven Peterson. Michael Aaron was the publisher of the newspaper.

History Edit

The newspaper began publishing in April 2004 as Utah state constitutional amendment 3 was beginning to heat up and longtime Salt Lake City activist Michael Aaron felt it was important to give the gay and lesbian community of Utah up-to-date news and commentary. Its focus on hard news and professional editorial content was intended to distinguish it from an existing gay and lesbian tabloid in the Salt Lake City market: The Pillar primarily featured publicity pieces, press releases and columns by amateur writers and local community leaders.

Aaron joined with Steven Peterson, owner of Little Lavender Book, a Utah gay and lesbian directory. Aaron had previously published Triangle Magazine and Gay Community News in the 1980s.

News was published also on the newspaper's website and is archived and searchable.

In February 2006, Aaron left in a dispute with Peterson and started a competing newspaper called QSaltLake, taking all writers and office staff with him. [1]

Salt Lake Metro published its last issue in June 2006.

Editors Edit

  • Brandon Burt, April 2004–October 2004
  • Jere Keys, October 2004–September 2005
  • Michael Aaron, October 2005–February 2006
  • Tony Hobday, March 2006
  • Kenni Littlefield, March 2006–June 2006


The Metro featured news, opinion—both serious and camp, arts and entertainment and sports. Cover stories ranged from the use of methamphetamine in the gay community to an interview with RuPaul.

In April of 2005, the Metro started the "Metro Cares Foundation", a nonprofit organization to help support gay and lesbian groups in the state of Utah.


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