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A ruined orgasm is a technique, usually used by a woman (the stimulator) who is dominating a man (the stimulated); however, it can be adapted for use on women. The power of this technique allows the physical release of sexual climax while denying or minimizing the satisfaction and pleasure associated with orgasm. With men, the stimulated is stimulated to the moment that ejaculation is inevitable. Stimulation is then stopped by breaking all physical contact with the genitals the moment orgasm begins (i.e. past the "edge"). Alternatively, the stimulator may bring up decidedly non-erotic or nonsexual topics during the orgasm, inflicting non-erotic pain, or stimulating the submissive with an unpleasant smell.

Another technique is to interfere with the ejaculation by some sort of constriction. Ruined orgasms expanded to include such methods as Thumbing, Palming, Dictating, Thwacking and several more unpleasant ways for an ejaculation to be disrupted or "ruined".

When performed on a man, this practice allows the release of seminal fluid and physical sexual release, but keeps the man in a state of arousal because the orgasm is never psychologically "actualized". Because stimulation is not continued through the orgasm, that man is left still in a state of want, which allows continued stimulation after a very brief period, unlike after the actualized or completed orgasm which may require a considerably longer refractory period.

Minimized orgasmEdit

Similar to the ruined orgasm is the minimized orgasm where it's produced in much the same way, however, a small amount of stimulation is applied to the genitals during orgasm, allowing the stimulated to feel and experience a minimal degree orgasmic actualization and pleasure.

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