Unlike his sister Rudy doesn't care what others think of him and is quite the gossip. Rudy is rarely seen without his trademark smile but underneath he is a complex person.

Rudy has a tendency to spill everyone's secrets (at least when he doesn't know it really important to keep them. Example: he outed his sister to Gavin.

Sexuality Edit

Unlike his sister Rudy doesn't care if everyone knows he is gay . However his parents do and hence sent him and his sister to St. Hallvard High School where they hope he will be cured.

Ruby Edit

During the Halloween Rudy dressed up as a girl to support Rain it didn't go as planned. He has dressed as a girl a few times since then and has gotten quite good at it.

Dating RainEdit

Ruby developed a crush on Rain. He called her his exception. They broke up when it turned out Rain didn't like him back. 

links Edit

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