Romas Zabarauskas (born May 31, 1990) is a Lithuanian activist, film director, screen writer and producer.

Zabarauskas made his debut with a short film I'm 17 (Man septyniolika) in which a young director searches the connection between the suicide and social problems, such as sexism, homophobia and gaps in education system.

His second short film Porno melodrama was shown in an international film festival Berlinale.

Openly gay[1] Romas takes part in social actions against homophobia. In summer, 2012, he made an inititiative to stick stickers with the title "LGBT-friendly" in front of the entrances of restaurants in Vilnius which he often visits, hence helping sexual minorities in Lithuania fully integrating to the society.[2]

Prior to the trial of a Russian punk rock band Pussy Riot Zabarauskas participated in the social action in support of the band members.[3]

Filmography Edit

  • "I'm 17" ("Man septyniolika") (2008)
  • "Porno melodrama" (short) (2011)
  • We Will Riot (2013)

References Edit

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