Rodney Berman, a Liberal Democrat (UK) Councillor for the Plasnewydd ward, is leader of Cardiff Council.

A Glaswegian by birth, Rodney studied at the University of Glasgow where he helped run Glasgow University Liberal Democrats before moving to Wales to study towards a PhD.

He has stood for election to Parliament as Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for Cardiff South and Penarth in 2001 and Rhondda in 1997.

Rodney is an openly gay man, who in August 2006 entered into a Civil Partnership with his partner, ITV News journalist Nick Speed.[1]

In 2006, Berman was the first winner of the Local Politician of the Year award, judges saying he "has had the difficult task of leading a minority administration, publicly taking on the powerful chairman of his local football club, whilst endeavouring to resolve major policy issues such as the decline in school enrolments in the city".

The local elections of 2008 saw the Liberal Democrats under Berman's leadership increase their representation, winning new seats in the east (Trowbridge), west (Llandaff) and south of the city (Butetown).

Berman is a member of the Armenia-Wales friendship society. [2]

References Edit

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